Rich Support for Teachers

Support differentiated instruction to address the needs of varied language targets.
Reduce teacher workload and ensure consistency through comprehensive daily
lesson plans and instructional supports.

《中文游》的核心教学辅助手册《教师指引》旨在减轻教师的繁重负担, 帮助规划有效的弹性教学体验, 为实现多样化语言目标以及差异化教学提供充分支持。《教师指引》备有周全的教案和配套资源。

Power on with Better Immersion App, E-book, games and resources for class instruction. Extend beyond the classroom with home-school connection and additional practice opportunities.


Sustainable and Future Ready

Ensure a complete Starter - Level 8 articulation through a comprehensive
scope and sequence

Starter - Level 8 课程结构循序渐进,课件框架协调一致,确保教学效果。

Embed a variety of instructional strategies, including a Balanced
Literacy Approach and Backward Design.